The Plague Court Murders by John Dickinson Carr is a 1934 classic reader-solvable mystery. Spoilers: With characters swapping outfits, melting bullets, and a chapter-long red herring, I was at a loss for how anyone could figure out whodunit.

Have people actually found the solution before the end of the book…

The capital’s been stormed, the virus rages a second year, and Pokemon cards are selling at record prices. This article is about that last piece of news, so dig out your old collection for the most profitable nostalgia trip of your life.

The Basics

The lower corner of each card has a…

I recall one particular scene in Fable II: A woman’s child is taken by Balverines, and the hero chases after them.

The atmosphere is perfect: dark woods, tense music, wolf monsters lying in ambush. And then you hear a high-pitched Scottish accent:

“Hey! You’re that mighty adventurer, aren’t you? Well…

The lessons here are generalized from an eight year career in competitive Model UN. You won’t have to know anything about MUN beyond the fact that it involves making friends as fast as humanly possible in a room of one hundred strangers.

Let’s define networking as “making meaningful connections with…

Douglas Fitz

Interested in too many things.

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